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Hello and welcome to the Brand You Experiential website. Brand You Experiential is a unique experiential marketing firm headquartered in San Antonio, Texas.

My name is Angela Marie Diaz working in the promotional marketing field as a brand manager, brand ambassador, event coordinator, and product specialist, tour manager with Fortune 500 clients across the greater United States and Canada. I’ve been a successful part of campaigns geared towards exposure, branding, sampling, and sales. Being well spoken paired with that enjoyment of communicating with consumers of different demographics on all levels gives me a spark that makes my job continuously new and interesting. Positive teamwork and always expecting the unexpected are keys to success that I instill in training for every campaign I manage. While being incredibly detail-oriented in terms of paperwork, reporting systems, and media capture. I continue to search for new outlets which brought me to the point that I created Brand You Experiential. My mission is  to execute successful promotional marketing campaigns and strategies with over the top results!  Brand You Experiential is looking to further its experience locally, countrywide, and internationally, managing and working with innovative ideas and sustainable businesses. In a field that has developed and will perpetually change as much as the world does, and continuously will!

Allow Brand You Experiential your business.  So we may help bridge the gap between your brand and the consumer through, brand engagement and experience. Thanks for your time and looking forward to working and building your brand with you. Contact us for a consultation.


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