What B.Y.E. can offer your business


4 spheres

Brand You Experiential is a company that offers support to businesses of every size. Brand You Experiential can assist in  creating experiential and mobile marketing campaigns along side your company’s marketing team. Look to us as a resource, or tool that will diversify your brand marketing strategies. So sit down for a consultation. You’ll be able to understand all that is available to your business through Brand You Experiential. ” It’s nice to have plenty of arrows in your quiver”


What is experiential marketing ?

Experiential marketing allows a target demographic of consumers to interact and engage with the company’s brand in a sensory, responsive way, that is exciting and sensational. So when a consumer experiences contact during an experiential marketing campaign at lifestyle events the actual consumer can then make an informed purchasing decision.


The four pillars of what Brand You Experiential business is based on, delivers results for successfully building your brand.

Authentic Consumer Engagement Tactics

Matching a experience with your consumer is important but how flexible do you want to get? Pop up events that take place temporarily in a non traditional location is an exciting way to engage with consumers. Simply, because its fresh approach, is a change of scenery.

Pop up events puts your invested dollars in a short term experience with potential of turning it into a full time program. resulting in a mobile marketing tour. For example, Benefit cosmetics created a bar/ beauty parlor where patrons can book appointments, enjoy cocktails and cupcakes and try new products, when the bar closes, they take the concept on the road in a pink fully branded mobile cocktail party bus.


Customized Project Management Campaigns

As a client of Brand You Experiential we’ll extend tools to create an immersive experience by combining, photo, video, games and edutainment throughout an event foot print. All consumers activity can be tied together and tracked through RFID or NFC technology expediting and enhancing the ability to gain additional insight and data. For example, on the foot print Brand You Experiential can create a station experience integrating technology to create multiple touch points. Live stream broadcasting of user generated activities and social media aggregation.

Here is a list of experiential technology tools at your disposal.

*Data Collection

*Augmented reality

*Station tracking

*Photo overlays

*Green screen

*Photo Filters

*Interactive games

*Mobile donations

*Video or Photo Marketing

*Instant wins

*Animated GIFS


One experience can take your Experiential Brand campaign viral.


Integrated Brand Strategy

Brand You Experiential can help your business interact with consumers in real time at events, product launches or mobile pop up events.

Brand You Experiential will customize your business content to relate with your target group.

At Brand You Experiential we can match the experience with your consumer, and offer your business Data capture and analytics. Eventually marketing to your customers directly via social media, email or text.


Strategic Experiential Marketing Solutions

Every event or meeting must embrace some type of experience that sets your brand apart from the rest.

Brand You Experiential embraces and creates experiential marketing campaigns that increase brand engagements and memorability of your Brand.

“Smaller brands are encouraged to compete even with bigger brands. It’s a big world get out there and get your slice of the pie!”

Experiential marketing brings your brand to life. Your brand needs to be built around how consumers experience them and Brand You Experiential can do just that.


Brand You Experiential offers:

  • Liquor on and off premise recruiting and training
  • Beer on and off premise recruiting and training
  • Event planning and logistics
  • Car wraps and other marketing swag
  • Social media i.e, shares, and likes
  • Sports marketing strategies
  • Concert marketing strategies
  • Guerilla marketing strategies
  • Event permits
  • Event foot print design
  • Activation of event
  • Talent/ Staff for events
  • Print Advertisement
  • video and photo production
  • Business development strategies.